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Jubilee Ace Bobby

Chef Bobby Low
Bobby Low - Jubilee Ace Founder

I truly believe that you can learn how to bake cupcakes

I am a bread lover. When I was young, I was fat because I used to love sweets, slices of bread, cakes and muffins. My love for bread and cakes made me decorative and passionate towards baking cupcakes. I never thought that I'd be a chef.

In starting, I was struggling with making my dreams work. I tried hard baking and cooking for other restaurants and hotels but I never felt delightful. Since I felt my love for baking cupcakes and cakes I thought to not to be an imaginary lover but to be the real lover.

Here I am becoming a founder of Jubilee Ace Bobby is like making my dreams in light.

Love for sweet is not just attachment, it is devotion. Making people happy through my skills is something that I always wanted. I believe you can find your way and live you're in making others happy.

Jubilee Ace Chefs

James Thurlby with Jubilee Ace Bobby

James Thurlby

Head Chef

Lucas Low with Jubilee Ace Bobby

Lucas Low

Junior Chef

Jubilee Ace Bobby Lance Hunter

Lance Hunter

Staff Chef

Jubilee Ace Bobby Howard Fitzgerald

Howard Fitzgerald


Layla Bentham with Jubilee Ace Bobby

Layla Bentham

Deputy Chef

Harper William with Jubilee Ace Bobby

Harper William


Jubilee Ace Bobby Marta Gregory

Marta Gregory

Staff Chef

Jubilee Ace Bobby Laurie Rodriguez

Laurie Rodriguez


Chris William with Jubilee Ace Bobby

Chris William

Station Chef

Leslie Gresham with Jubilee Ace Bobby

Leslie Gresham

Staff Chef

Jubilee Ace Bobby Melvin Benson

Melvin Benson

Staff Chef

Jubilee Ace Bobby Sandra Cohen

Sandra Liew


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